A Tribute to Creation

By: Nature s Puppet

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Sunday, 13-May-2007 05:30 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Doggy research

Of all the articles published by the media suggesting pitbulls should be banned or even witch-hunted and killed, none have so far been supported by sound research. Even worse, the majority of it is based on 'public opinion', often drowned out by the voices of overzealous radicals who by the sounds of it have not even owned a dog.

Before such grand measures should be taken, researchers need to look at what role the owners of the offending dogs play in the attacks. Dogs are after all trained to be pretty much whatever we want them to be. A Labrador for example will attack anyone if mistreated or trained to be aggressive. Dogs are aggressive by nature and if that side of their personality is nurtured then that is what they will display in their behaviour. We need to be looking at what the owners of the dogs are like and how they have treated their dogs before pointing the gun at the dog.

If society goes down the path of banning everything that humans are responsible for keeping under control, even humans will not be allowed to roam. Along the same lines of banning dog breeds, perhaps we should also be banning those ethnicities which exhibit the most violent tendencies. Well, of course we shouldn't, so instead we look for reasons behind the offending and try to prevent it.

Perhaps a more measured approach could be taken before we start banning species. How about licensing for dog ownership and handling for owners of the most aggressive species ie much like gun licensing/ownership?

Thursday, 5-Apr-2007 07:23 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Japan Tolerates Cold Blooded Slaughter of Dolphins

If you can handle gore and witness cold blooded slaughter of, dear I say it, DOLPHINS, bear witness to this:


The good people of Japan need to bring this issue to the "in your face" level on the political front in order to embarrass its leadership and bring about change in policy that sees this disgusting industry is brought to a rapid end.

Tuesday, 13-Mar-2007 09:18 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Celebrating Nikau's First Year

Another proud creation by big brother Al.

Monday, 5-Feb-2007 19:54 Email | Share | | Bookmark
NEARLY half way there!

The outside is nearing completion... Still have facings around the windows to bang on and vertical battens over sheet joints, guttering, trimming off parts of the roof, baseboards, and painting! Who's big idea was this? Oops, I forgot to mention the deck - but I'll leave that till last..

Sunday, 10-Dec-2006 20:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Taking shape


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